Paolo Guatelli products are designed, manufactured and packaged in Italy.

The formulas have been developed in carefully selected Italian laboratories. The B-Box® packaging is made of high quality, durable polycarbonate which is printed and decorated in Italy. The containers, which have exquisite soft-touch finishes, are Italian. The display stands and makeup cases are traditionally hand-processed by companies that are proud to be Italian.



Paolo Guatelli continuously searches for new sources of inspiration, transforming them into innovative elements for the world of beauty.

For his brand, he created B-Box®, a revolutionary patent that allows every woman to become the undisputed protagonists in deciding and choosing their makeup products. This elegant container, similar to a smartphone, is modular and can be stacked to create infinite combinations of colours and accessories in just a few seconds.

All products in the line are made with advanced formulas that are highly effective and respect both the environment and the health of consumers.



The continuous search for quality formulas and raw materials together with top Italian laboratories guarantees maximum reliability and safety.

All the products, which are suitable for both daily use and professional needs, are decorative and functional, being easy to apply, comfortable to wear, rich in active ingredients and with excellent lasting power. They have been microbiologically tested and are paraben-free. They contain bio-chelated trace minerals with rebalancing action, hyaluronic acid with regenerating action, and sun filters for active protection.



The products and containers in the line are made by following highly sustainable processes.

The new B-Box® is made of high quality, recyclable plastic, without metallic parts.  Thanks to its innovative design and inherent functionality, it can be used multiple times both for positioning makeup products and holding objects.