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  • Make Up your Makeup

    Innovazione, personalizzazione, semplicità di utilizzo. Per la mia nuova linea di makeup ho ideato un concept esclusivo, che affianca all’alta qualità delle formulazioni un packaging rivoluzionario.

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  • Scopri come FUNZIONA B-Box®

    B-Box® è un contenitore impilabile all’interno del quale s’inseriscono tutti i prodotti e accessori della linea Paolo Guatelli.

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  • Scopri come FUNZIONA B-Box®

    Scopri come funziona B-Box® e come puoi modificarne in pochi secondi le infinite combinazioni.

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Get to know all the products and accessories in the Paolo Guatelli makeup line: eyeshadows, lipsticks, lip glosses, Chromatic Balancer, Vibrant Blusher, Colour Control Compact Foundation, Lip and Eye Primer, Transparent Compact Powder, Glowing Compact Powder, Bronzing Compact Powder, Tanning Bronzer, Mascara, Eye and Lip Stylos, professional brushes, blusher applicator, sponge, powder puff, Base Primer, BB cream, Radiant Skin Creamy Foundation and all the components of the B-Box®.


B-Box® is a patented stackable container, the size of a smartphone, inside which you can place all the products and accessories in the Paolo Guatelli line known as B-Elements®, which are interchangeable and can be purchased individually.

How it works


Compose your customized Trousse.
Choose your colors,
how many layers, how many accessories.

Scegli i B-Elements con cui comporre la tua b-box®


Componi quanti piani desideri


assembla la tua b-box


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Our History

Paolo Guatelli has developed his own personal style, which is characterized by a heightened sensitivity to beauty, the development of new makeup techniques and attention to changes in consumer habits.

It is a new interpretation of the concept of Beauty; one that is increasingly oriented towards listening to one’s inner self and focused on a philosophy of authenticity, respect and integrity of the individual.

Paolo Guatelli e il pensiero antroposofico
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