Make Up your Makeup

“Each woman can and should be able to able to apply her daily makeup on her own, knowing how to enhance her best features and the aspects that make her unique. This knowledge is acquired through a journey of rediscovery of one’s own identity, which transforms the few minutes it takes to apply makeup into a moment of intimacy. Take charge of your beauty, enjoy and live a new experience every day – this is the philosophy of Make up your Makeup!

Paolo Guatelli


La B-Box® is not a makeup set, it’s not a storage tray, and it’s not a smartphone!
It is a valuable personal assistant which ensures that every woman, every day, plays a leading role in choosing her look. It is a compact container that takes up the minimum of space, but is sufficiently generous to hold the products and accessories most suited for your needs from the Paolo Guatelli line.

The “Make up your makeup!” philosophy is now part of your daily routine


This revolutionary packaging, conceived by Paolo Guatelli, can be personalized and is simple to use. Essential lines, harmonious curves and meticulously finished quality materials characterize the design of B-Box and the products in the line, making it an object of desire that every woman can own in order to change their habits and simplify their daily makeup.


B-Box® is a patented stackable container, the size of a smartphone, which holds any of the products and accessories in the Paolo Guatelli line. It is produced in two versions: slim and large, depending on the combinations you wish to create. B-Box® is closed on top by the Top Cover, which includes an unbreakable mirror. Several versions of the Top Cover are available, including limited editions. The lower part is completed by the Bottom Cover, which contains a “coloured lips” used to remove and change the B-Elements®, thereby allowing infinite combinations to be created in just a few seconds.

How you can compose your B-Box®

Top cover A cover available in several versions and limited editions to personalize and protect your B-Box® kit. It includes an unbreakable mirror to keep your look under control.
B-Box® Slim The place and have fun combinining the B-Elements® flat, in the small or big version, and the B-Accessories®.
B-Box® Large To place the B-Elements® extra, the B-Tubes®, the Professional Brushes and each object you will take with you.
Bottom Cover To close the lower part of your favourite B-Box® kit. It includes “coloured lips” which allows to extract the B-Elements® and change their combinations.


B-Elements® are the products in the Paolo Guatelli line, which are interchangeable and can be purchased individually. They are divided into flat and extra elements. The flat B-Elements®, used in the slim B-Box, include: double eyeshadow, Charming Lipcolor, Voluptuous Lipgloss, Chromatic Balancer, Vibrant Blusher, Colour Control Compact Foundation, Lip and Eye Primer, Transparent Compact Powder, Glowing Compact Powder, Bronzing Compact Powder and Tanning Bronzer. The extra B-Elements®, used in the large B-Box, include: Maximizing Mascara, Eyeliner Stylo and Lipliner Stylo.


The B-Tubes® include radiant skin creamy foundation, advanced BB creams and soothing Base Primer. They all easily fit into the large B-Box®.


The B-Accessories® are the accessories needed for applying makeup: professional brushes for lips and eyes, blusher and foundation, which all can be housed in the large B-Box®. The eye and lip applicators, blusher applicator, foundation sponge and powder puff can be used in the slim B-Box slim.