The B-Box® is now on the market

A unique, revolutionary tool conceived and created for women who wish to take charge of their look. The innovative B-Box was conceived by Paolo Guatelli for his new makeup line, which combines high quality formulas with revolutionary packaging. This container, with its simple, practical design, lets every woman create, in a few seconds, infinite combinations of colours and makeup products and decide which to use and take with her.

In this way, the “Make up your makeup” philosophy becomes a reality. This is a concept in which Guatelli strongly believes, as he is aware of the importance of making women, and also men, free to independently make decisions regarding their appearance. The B-Box is a patented stackable container, the size of a smartphone, inside which you can place all the products and accessories in the Paolo Guatelli line, known as B-Elements, which are interchangeable and can be purchased separately.

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